"My daughter, Lauren, started at The Movement about a year and a half ago. Lauren had always been a very good tap dancer, however lacked self confidence and always struggled in the area of jazz. She just seemed to be missing some of the technique to do her leaps and turns. She started out taking a non-competitive jazz technique class to improve in these areas (ie: perioettes and leaps). I was simply AMAZED at how quickly she went from barely being able to do one, to doing multiple clean perioettes, leaps, and even learning various new turns and tricks. My daughter is now a part of the Prowlers (high school dance team), as well as on the competitive squad at the Movement. Mandy Honeycutt is one of the most positive, patient, and dedicated teachers I have ever seen. From the moment we walked into her studio, we felt at home! Her uplifting smile and willingness to work with each and every student until they succeed, is very admirable, as well as her ability to work with kids of varying levels. She puts her heart and soul into her studio and students to ensure they succeed! She is not the type of teacher that will ever yell or belittle your child! She is the most encouraging, knowledgable, and caring dance teacher I have ever been around! If you are looking for a studio that is dedicated to each child learning in a positive environment, “The Movement” is definitely a place you should try! Since attending, The Movement, my daughter now has the self-esteem to be confident in herself, as well as dance. This is all thanks to Mandy and her staffs hard work and dedication!"
-Julie Vannatter: Raymore Resident and Lauren's Mom

"When hearing about The Movement from several other friends I decided to enroll both of my daughters. I have been very grateful ever since as we have finally found our "home" with this studio. Mandy is personally invested in each of my daughters and all of her teachers are absolutely amazing. They make it fun for my girls to learn while helping build their confidence. I'm very blessed to have found the right home for my girls. :) "
-Heather Cole: Raymore Resident and Jillian and Olivia's Mom

​"The dance instruction at Movement is top-notch, but what really makes it such a special place is the kindness and care they have shown my daughter. They clearly love what they do, and the fact that they treat their job as a calling, rather than just a job, is truly inspiring. From the very first class, Mckenzie has felt welcome and at home and leaves each class with a smile on her face."
-Kim Cragg: Raymore Resident and McKenzie's Mom

"I really enjoy The Movement!!! My daughter Kaylee took some dance lessons somewhere else and did not like like it at all. She loved to dance and loves music, I just knew that I had to find another dance studio to take her to. Her cousin was dancing at The Movement and Keylee watched her at recital and wanted to try it again!! She absolutely loves it. Kaylee's teacher is so amazing and so patient with the little ones. They are dedicated to teach your child and bring out the dancer in them. I thank the owners Mandy and Clint Honeycutt for having a place where my daughter can come out of her shell and have fun!!!"
-Kathy Gordon: Harrisonville Resident and Kaylee's Mom

Delaney has been dancing at The Movement for the last two years. After nine years at her previous studio she decided she needed to make a change. I was certainly fearful as a mother of her decision but we both couldn’t be happier with her choice. It’s been such a great fit for Delaney and we have no regrets. She looks forward to each dance class she attends. The Movement instantly felt like home for us. Mandy, her family, and the instructors go out of their way to encourage and support their dancers at the studio and outside of the studio. The Movement has given Delaney the confidence and instruction to help her grow as a dancer every day. All of the families at the studio are friendly and express their support to the dancers of all ages. We are so blessed and thankful to be a part of such a wonderful studio!
-Julie Ardito-Lee’s Summit Resident, Mother of Delaney Ardito